Customer Satisfaction Survey

Aero Electronics strives to embrace Continuous Improvement in every aspect of our business and relationships. Your open and honest feedback is greatly appreciated and will be used to evaluate opportunities for improvement

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Reason for Engagement:
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Was your interaction: on site at Aero or via phone (please check appropriate space)
Using the following Scale please rate your interaction with Aero Electronics and Satisfaction with our support of your goals and performance in achieving a partnership building relationship.

1) Strongly Disagree, 2) Somewhat Disagree, 3) Neutral, 4) Agree, 5) Strongly Agree, N/A) does not apply to my engagement with Aero at this time.

Responsive to customer requests and supports requests in a timely manner.
Communication channels are clear and support expectations.
Aero invites opportunity and is easy to engage.
Aero Personnel are knowledgeable.
To the extent of your observations Aero’s Policies, Processes and Practices meet with your requirements.
To the extent of your observation Aero clearly follows established Policy, Processes and Practices
Subject matter expertise is clearly demonstrated from your observations and interactions.
Aero is open and flexible to new ideas and concepts.
Continuous improvement is evidence at Aero.
Aero’s Work place is Clean and organized.
Information required for my purposes was readily available or supplied within a reasonable time frame.
Product Quality meets expectations.
Information or Services Quality meets expectations.
Aero is open to critique and identified opportunities for improvement.
To the extent of your observations Aero embraces Preventative Action.
Aero is a company you would recommend to your peers.

Aero Electronics Systems is always looking for ways to continually improve. You are invited to include any additional or supplemental information which would be pertinent to this improvement and the evaluation of our capabilities. (Use continuation sheets or attachments as necessary)

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